Audio Video Conference -webinars done right.
Online Webinars Done Right.

A List of SOME Features

This list is just the beginning. We will continue to evolve.

  • HTML5 design (mobile compatible).
  • Desktop sharing, also known as screen sharing.
  • Webinar registration: participants create their own passwords.
  • File uploads, like PPT; basically any Office document.
  • Full annotation on documents.
  • Full white boarding.
  • Text chat and private chat.
  • Video live streaming for presenter and visitors.
  • Easy hand-off to allow others to take control of the room.
  • Multi-language integration.
  • No limit to the number of webcams that can stream. You are only limited by bandwidth.
  • Additional features in development and will be added at no additional cost.
Webinars Done Right by Audio Video Conference.

Video 1 (below)

A look inside the customer back office.

Video 2 (below)

A look inside the webinar platform.

AVC Webinar Upgrade

A Sneak Peak of the NEW Webinar Platform With Additional Features.

$ 19.97

Single Room

Billed monthly. Mainly for people who require only one webinar room.

$ 34.97

Three Rooms

Billed monthly. For people who need 1 - 3 rooms and want to keep events separated.

$ 59.00

Five Rooms

Billed monthly. For people who need 1 - 5 rooms and want to keep events separate.

Buy Now Coming Soon. We Are Adding New Features.

Audio Video Conference.